Night Time Camping Equipment

When it comes to night time camping, bringing a AAA flashlight will surely get you through the night. Some people think that bringing their camping tents and coolers would be enough. But the truth is, there is still some camping equipment that should be brought during a camping trip. These things will make camping convenient than ever. 

Here is the night time camping equipment that you should bring for a fun and convenient camping experience.

Portable Mattress

There are a lot of portable mattresses that you can bring during a camping trip. You can even put this inside your tent so you can sleep comfortably after a long day of camping activities. Some mattresses are padded and are four inches high from the ground. This means that sleeping in your tent will be comfortable and will give you a good night sleep. Sleeping well will provide you with ample of energy for the next day’s activities. 

Portable Lantern

Besides your flashlight, it would also be best also to bring a portable lantern. This will help you to hang your lantern anywhere in your campsite. You surely can’t use your flashlight while you’re eating or while you’re cooking because you need both of your hands. Bringing a lantern with you will surely make cooking, eating, and other things that you need to do very convenient. 


You can also bring a hammock to help you relax in the middle of the day or if you are just too tired to do something else. There are now a lot of hammocks, and you can easily install them on trees around you. Just make sure to use sturdy trees to avoid them from snapping. You may opt for a hammock that is ideal for one person or one that will fit two persons. If you want maximum comfort to choose something that will fit two people so you will have plenty of space. 

Portable Gas Stove

If you are not a fan of making campfire using rocks, then bringing a portable stove with you would be best. This will help you to cook anytime you please without having to worry about lighting up a fire. Also, it won’t be that time consuming because you can use a portable gas stove and cook whatever food you want. Just make sure that you have enough kerosene for your gas stove to be useful.

Portable Kettle

You can also bring a portable kettle with you and use it on the stove that you brought. This will help you to heat your water for your tea or your coffee. You will also need this with some of your food, which just simply means that a portable kettle is another useful equipment that you should bring during a campout.

These are all of the information that you need when it comes to camping out at night. Just make sure to choose the portable versions of the above equipment so you won’t have a hard time carrying them with you.