Hi, I am Bret, and welcome to Camping Les Ormes!

Ever since I was a child, I loved the adventure and outdoor life.

I grew up in a countryside farm in Colorado, enjoying nature and wandering through the woods and wading through the creek by our home.

Even now the passion didn’t change.

On one of my adventure camping trip, I discovered that I can help fellow campers on their pursuit. That is where I started a website dedicated to camping. I wanted people to know that camping is not complicated, but it is fun, joyful and interactive.

Here on Camping Les Ormes, you will find details of the trips, camping tools & products and lot of guides helpful to set up your perfect camping trip.

Whether you are looking for a two day camping trip or seven day wilderness outing. We have got your covered. You have on hands one of the best resources helping you to choose tools, belongings, backpack and DIY tutorials.

Enjoy a Happy & Fun filled Camping.